Diablos Rojos

Diablos Rojos

Street Art is a big thing in Latin America, but in Panama “Diablos Rojos” or “Red Devils” are moving works of art.

Decoratively painted old US school buses thunder through the streets creating a psychedelic assault on the eyes. You may have seen colourful buses in other parts of Latin America but you will never seen anything like these: fun, noisy, salsa-playing buses – often with flashing lights – seemingly customised by a bunch of enthusiastic 1960s hippies.

There used to be hundreds of these mobile galleries in the streets of the capital, but as part of the modernisation of the public transport system they have been largely replaced in Panama City. However, they continue to brighten up the rural roads and towns – especially on the Caribbean coast.

The name probably has something to do with their reputation for being driven somewhat recklessly so we don’t recommend travelling on them, but they are certainly a photographer’s dream.