• Paragliding, Lima, Peru

    Paragliding, Lima, Peru

  • Trekking, Patagonia

    Trekking, Patagonia

  • Kayaking on Llanquihue Lake, Chile

    Kayaking on Llanquihue Lake, Chile

  • Cycling through the Wine Valleys

    Cycling through the Wine Valleys

Latin America is a land of the big outdoors. Put on your hiking boots, strap on a lifejacket or mount a sturdy steed… and prepare for action!

Fishing in Patagonia, riding at an Argentinian estancia, completing the ‘W Trek’ in Chile, climbing a volcano in Ecuador, exploring caves and walking on table-top mountains in Brazil, scuba diving or snorkelling in the Galapagos Islands and white water rafting in Panama… Theses are just a few of the many highlights that Latin America offers our more active guests.

The world famous Inca trail up to Machu Picchu remains extremely popular, but there are other options which can allow you to get away from the crowds. We would suggest our luxury trek staying overnight in comfortable mountain lodges as a more civilised way of completing this epic journey – and you will stay well away from the main campsites. Or for something completely off the beaten track, how about a trek to the other ‘lost’ Inca city of Choquequirao? This is a longer journey, but we will provide comfortable tents, porters and everything you need to get there. With very few visitors it is not impossible that you might find you are the only people there… just amazing!

In Chilean Patagonia, the seven day “W Trek” is one of the world’s most exciting routes taking you through forest, mountain ridges and the Patagonian steppe, including the famous Los Cuernos and Torres del Paine trails. Or over the border in Argentina, Fitz Roy is a challenge for the enthusiast to relish. Good food and expert guides are the icing on the cake. Less well known and equally challenging, we can arrange two or three day treks through the Argentine Puna, walking through some of the most extraordinary landscapes in the world combining salt lakes, volcanoes and huge vistas and then take you across the Chilean border to the other-worldly Atacama Desert.

In Brazil, a trip to Chapada Diamantina National Park can make a perfect change after a week enjoying the beaches and walks range from one to two hours up to several days. Revel in the wonderful scenery and extraordinary geology of the region. Your trip will include swimming in waterfalls, diving into bright blue underground rock pools and walking through towering rock formations. For those who prefer wheels, there are various mountain bike options.

Equestrian pleasures

Horse riding is another popular activity in Latin America. Argentina is well known as the country of cattle ranches, gauchos and polo and unsurprisingly it can offers a variety of horse riding opportunities which can be tailored for anyone from complete novices to seasoned experts. Try you hand at Polo with a visit to Estancia Los Potreros. Ecuador also offers a number of excellent horse-riding options at delightful haciendas such as Hacienda Zuleta and Caballo Campana.

For something altogether more thrilling, how about some white-water rafting in the Chiriqui river in Panama or Peru’s Sacred Valley? Or feel the adrenalin surge as you zip-line across a gorge in Ecuador. Still got some energy left? How about some paragliding off the cliffs at Sao Conrado in Rio – or right in front of the hi-rise buildings in Lima’s Miraflores district?

And then there is the underwater world, just waiting to be discovered… snorkeling in the crystal clear Caribbean waters in Panama or swimming with giant rays sea lions and hammerhead sharks in the Galapagos Islands…

Whether travelling independently, as a couple or a family the continent has a wealth of experiences on offer, at all levels and in differing degrees of comfort. It will not disappoint!

To help you make your choice from a miscellany of outdoor activities in Latin America give us a call or send us a message.

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