Peruvian Amazon

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  • Mural, Iquitos

    Mural, Iquitos

  • Children Playing in Amazon River

    Children Playing in Amazon River

  • Wooly Monkey

    Wooly Monkey

  • Tree Lined Amazon River

    Tree Lined Amazon River

  • Hanging Clothes - Amazon River

    Hanging Clothes - Amazon River

  • Red Headed Caiman Lizard

    Red Headed Caiman Lizard

  • Iquitos River

    Iquitos River

  • Banks Of The Amazon River

    Banks Of The Amazon River

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The Amazon has its origins in the high Andes which flow down in a multitude of tributaries to the east to form the start of the mighty river

Some 60% of Peru’s land area is lowland tropical forest in the Amazon basin. While Brazil has the lion’s share in terms of land area of the Amazon basin, the biodiversity in Peru is considered to be much greater.

There are two principal areas of the Peruvian Amazon that are accessible by commercial flight (Iquitos and Madre de Dios) and one that is easily accessible by private aircraft (Manu).

Canoes, AmazonCanoes, Amazon For a first time visitor to the rainforest the southern Amazon is a mere 35-minute flight from Cusco. The contrast between the crisp dry air of the Andes and the heavy humid air of the jungle is remarkable.

There are several excellent eco-lodges along the Madre de Dios River that we can recommend. We an help you select the right one for you depending on the amount of time you would like to spend there and what you would like to do. Expect to see numerous species of birds, monkeys, giant river otters and other fauna.

Another option is to take a luxurious expedition cruise on the Amazon from Iquitos. The river is much wider here, but these cruises get you into the backwaters of the remarkable Pacaya Samiria National Reserve. Here you can see the legendary pink dolphins and a host of other fauna including freshwater manatees. It is also possible to visit the villages of the local people living here.

For avid naturalists, though, the place to go is the Manu Biosphere Reserve. This is in a different league altogether and offers real virgin forest and a host of flora and fauna.

To discover more about the mighty Amazon and how best to visit, give us a call or send us a message.

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