• Plaza de Armas at dusk, Cusco

    Plaza de Armas at dusk, Cusco

  • Inca wall, Cusco

    Inca wall, Cusco

  • Local ladies, Cusco

    Local ladies, Cusco

  • General view of Cusco

    General view of Cusco

  • Cathedral, Cusco

    Cathedral, Cusco

  • Plaza de Armas, Cusco

    Plaza de Armas, Cusco

The ancient capital of the Inca empire – rebuilt by the Spanish conquistadors – a must-visit city in the high Andes

Cusco has become a global village for visitors enchanted with its ‘cozy’ atmosphere, impressive Baroque churches, outstanding architecture and archaeological remains as well as a lively restaurant, bar and nightlife scene.

There is so much to see and do… it is not just the numerous Inca archaeological sites such as Sacsayhuaman and Korikancha that impress, but also the incredible Spanish colonial architecture including the Plaza de Armas with its grand Cathedral and several other equally impressive squares and churches.

Artesan workshop, San BlasArtesan workshop, San Blas Don’t forget the day-to-day life of the modern city. Take time to wander the narrow cobbled streets and plazas, and browse some of the local shops. Visit the artisan neighbourhood of San Blas as well as the San Pedro Market and the local cemetery – all of which cast a different perspective on the city.

Located at an altitude of 3,300 metres (11,200 ft) Cusco simply takes your breath away – sometimes literally. It is wise to take it easy the first day here, or to acclimatise to the altitude gradually.

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