• Bahian Beach

    Bahian Beach

  • Boipeba


  • Chapada Diamantina

    Chapada Diamantina

  • Trancoso, The Quadrado (Square)

    Trancoso, The Quadrado (Square)

  • Lencois


  • Lençois-Chapada Diamantina

    Lençois-Chapada Diamantina

  • Grutas da Chapada

    Grutas da Chapada

  • Boipeba


  • Trancoso, The quadrado

    Trancoso, The quadrado

  • Espelho Beach

    Espelho Beach

  • Lencois


Peaceful solitude or laid-back beach bars – take your pick

The coastline of Bahia extends for hundreds of kilometers from the Whale Coast at the extreme south of the state, past Trancoso and the Discovery Coast and on up to the Coconut Coast north of the State capital, Salvador.

Punctuated by lagoons, islands and long stretches of pristine beaches and with the benefit of year-round sunshine, the coastline of Bahia is one of the most alluring attractions of Brazil.

Trancoso is a short drive from the airport at Porto Seguro and is a sympathetically restored fishing village with brightly coloured houses centred on a large grass square called the Quadrado. There are numerous artisan shops, chilled out bars and outdoor restaurants. Visitors can choose between staying in stylish boutique hotels in the village centre or in small hotels directly fronting onto the beach.

North of Ilheus there are long stretches of almost completely deserted beaches backed by palm trees and with little habitation in sight. The exclusive Txai Resort is positioned on one such beach, but also has top facilities including an incomparable spa and treatment centre. Further hotel options exist at Barra Grande, a small village at the end of the Marau Peninsula.

The best-known destination on the Dendé Coast to the south of Salvador is Morro de São Paulo but this can get very hectic in the high season and a more tranquil island in the Tianharé Archipelago is Boipeba, offering a combination of charming beach bars fronting the tranquil waters of the lagoon and idyllic, long, deserted Atlantic beaches. The absence of any cars and informal atmosphere make shoes a needless accessory.

Escape to the hills

Waterfall in Chapada DiamantinaWaterfall in Chapada Diamantina
For those who would like to combine a hill walking experience with their beach holiday, we would recommend a trip to the Chapada Diamantina National Park located 400 kilometres west of Salvador. This former diamond mining upland area offers dramatic scenery, waterfalls and some of the best walking and trekking to be found in Brazil.

Memorable experiences include swimming at the bottom of the 85 metre-high Cachoeira de Buracao waterfall, diving into bright blue underground rock pools and walking through extraordinary rock formations around Lencois.

To discover some of the best beaches in the world or to enjoy a more active experience in Chapada Diamantina, give us a call or send us a message.

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