• Rainbow falls

    Rainbow falls

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  • Iguassu Falls, Argentina

    Iguassu Falls, Argentina

  • sunrise falls

    sunrise falls

  • Iguassu Falls - classic view from the Brazilian side

    Iguassu Falls - classic view from the Brazilian side

  • Kayak Excursion

    Kayak Excursion

  • The Devil's Throat, Iguassu Falls

    The Devil's Throat, Iguassu Falls

  • Iguassu Falls, Argentina

    Iguassu Falls, Argentina

  • Toucan, Iguassu

    Toucan, Iguassu

  • Yellow Jay, Iguassu

    Yellow Jay, Iguassu

  • Evening light, Iguassu Falls

    Evening light, Iguassu Falls

  • Morning Jungle

    Morning Jungle

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Spectacular waterfalls in a sub-tropical rainforest

Located on the border between Argentina and Brazil the Iguassu Falls are amongst the most spectacular waterfalls in the world. At 2,700 metres wide and 82 metres high, they are both higher and wider than the Niagara Falls and over a kilometre wider than the Victoria Falls.

Up close to the FallsUp close to the Falls To enjoy the complete experience they are best viewed from both sides of the border – which can be arranged quite easily with a single guide. On the Argentine side it is possible to stand right up close to the action where the water plunges over the edge of a basalt cliff into the thunderous ‘Devil’s Throat’, and by doing one of the park walks you will get an idea of the scale of the falls. From the Brazilian side you can experience a wide angle panorama complete with towering spray and rainbows, presenting endless photo opportunities.

For those with a keen sense of adventure a trip in a RIB right to the base of the falls never fails to get the adrenalin running. Or why not get the full picture during a scenic helicopter ride. The falls are also at the centre of a large sub-tropical national park extending into both Argentina and Brazil, which is itself a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Colourful toucans and parakeets are frequently seen alongside numerous other species of exotic birds and mammals.

It is possible to fly to the Argentinian as well as the Brazilian side of Iguassu so a visit can easily be combined with other destinations in each country. At certain times of the year the falls can get very crowded and the weather rather hot, but it is also possible (especially on the Brazilian side) to experience the falls in near isolation. We can assist you in choosing the best time and location for the ultimate experience.

To discover more about the amazing Iguassu Falls, give us a call or send us a message.

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