• Track between Cusco and Puno

    Track between Cusco and Puno

  • Lake Titicaca

    Lake Titicaca

  • Belmond Andean Explorer

    Belmond Andean Explorer

  • Belmond Andean Explorer

    Belmond Andean Explorer

  • Belmond Andean Explorer

    Belmond Andean Explorer

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Belmond Andean ExplorerCusco / Puno / Arequipa, Peru

A new luxury train service which will enter service in mid 2017, running across the high plains of the Andes Altiplano between Cusco and Puno on Lake Titicaca, and then on to Peru’s second city, Arequipa.

Up to 68 guests will be carried in new carriages, decorated in a traditional style by London interior decorator Inge Moore.There will be two dining cars and a bar with observation platform to the rear. The sleeping cars will offer a choice of double, twin and bunk beds.

Passengers will board the train in Cusco before lunch, and it will travel between between Cusco and Puno during the afternoon with one stop at the Inca archaeological site at Raqch’i en-route. On the second morning passengers will wake up to wonderful views across Lake Titicaca and will then spend a full day on the lake where they will visit the famous Uros floating islands and also Taquile Island. Returning to the train at tea time, it will continue towards Arequipa. On the third day passengers will visit Lake Lagunillas after breakfast and will also see the cave paintings at Sumbay Caves, before continuing to the final stop at Arequipa. As an alternative option, passengers may be able to disembark and visit the Colca Canyon instead.

Arequipa is a beautiful colonial city known as the ‘White City’ and home to the famous Santa Cataline Convent; guests would be well advised to consider staying an extra night in a hotel here rather than fly straight back to Lima.